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Not many creative directors can claim experience and success in film, TV, music, theater and live performance.

Further, not many creative directors can transition fro that role to clothing designer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, fashion show producer, interior designer, painter and image coach with ease and enjoyment.  On top of all of that, add former print and runway model, former owner and CMO of boutique women’s clothing line Barry-Savage Clothing, former owner / COO of trendy Beverly Hills Hair Salon / Spa CSAVAGE SALON to the mix and you have a creative executive whose work has touched all facets of the entertainment industry.

For nearly 20 years Cory B. Savage has been making an impact with his signature brand: making a challenging project look seamless.  A visionary since childhood, Savage knows how to work from nearly any canvas he is given, literally and figuratively. 

Growing up in the mountains of North Georgia on a small family farm, Savage gained many of his entrepreneurial skills from the family business as well as his innate ability to adapt to any situation.  Savage’s grandmother was an inspiration for young Savage and she pushed her grandson to keep challenging himself, all the while never losing sight of the fact that a strong character was the most important gift one could leave behind.

It’s that character that guides Savage’s career to this day.  With a client list that boasts some of the biggest names in the business, Savage’s future is as bright as his outlook on life.

Savage currently resides in Nashville, and is President / CEO of Cory Savage Inc., a multimedia design consultant firm, with satellite offices in Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, New York and Nashville.